Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The next 'idol' show...

I came home from work and American Idol was on. Now, I loathe these reality shows and their seemingly endless proliferation. I don't care who the next top model/superstar/designer whatever is going to be. They bug me. They're inane. They're boring. They're mindnumbing. But it was either that or BBC so I choose went for the most mind-numbing option. After about an hour of BBC (kidding! hah! oh, I kill me!), after an hour of American Idol I couldn't take any more and went upstairs where I suddenly heard all the Mullah's mullah-ing the evening prayer call. Now, one thing that is not lacking in this town is mosques. There's literally about one every other block and the prayer call is cacophany of voices calling over loudspeakers. They might 'claim' that they're not in competition with each other but I don't believe it. You can almost hear the joy in their voices if they get a new, louder loudspeaker.

Now, I'm a big fan of the prayer call. I think it's beautiful and I think it's good that people are reminded five times a day to stop their mundane lives and think beyond themselves - whether their Muslims, Christians, atheists, whatever. The prayer call is a good thing. However, I think it requires a bit of organization. I think we should we should incorporate some of what we've learned on American Idol and come up with one Mullah per town. And we could do that with a reality show that eliminates the competing Mullahs until you've got the 'one' who does the prayer call.

Can't you see it now?

Paul Abdul: "You know. You know I really, really like you and I think you have what it takes but this evening's call just didn't do it for me. You brought it this morning but it was just gone tonight."

Simon: "Who are you kidding? That was the worst prayer call in the history of this show! You're awful. You never should have never made it this far."

Other judge guy: "I'm going to let you stay but you're going to have to remember that you're going up against some stiff competition. You've got the blue tiled Mosque Mullah and he's been at this a long time. And you've got the Grand Mosque Mullah over there for goodness' sakes. So if you want to stay in this you're going to have to bring it next time."

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