Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My new favourite song of the week...

Go here where you can see this and another video. A shout-out of thanks to Mike who knows very cool people and tends to share!

Coming of Age

The days are gone for the walkin’ away
The sun sets fast at the end of the day
Everyone I know is still runnin’ around
Try to outrun the runnin’ ‘fore it takes ‘em down

They all came from some place that I never knew
A house with a window and a room with a view
But where I came from is where I had to leave
Who I was and what I had to believe

I remember those times when the evening’d fade
We’d take off our shoes and the plans we’d made
Think about someone I might find
Some kind of cure for this kind of blind

Some kind of woman who could help me see
Some kind of child to help me start to believe
’cause I thought I’d be fine in the driving rain
But these thoughts are just bickering around my brain

I said I found myself somewhere on the way
But I couldn’t even point you to that day
Seems I never quite know just where I’ll land
Keep pleading for the people to understand

’cause if you can understand, maybe I could change
And I could loose myself from feelin’ strange
But right now I’m wonder if that’d be true
Waiting for deliverance to come from you

The roads we travel have gotten rough
With the bumps and turns and all that broken stuff
Sewage was seeping up from underground
And I can’t help but feel just a little bound

To this life I choose, to this life I know
Each darkened corner, little lights aglow
And I reckon it’s time for you to call my bluff
Try to pinch this skin that’s gotten tough


And in the evenings I wonder if I made a mess
Something bigger than a man could ever accept
Can’t be the person that I wanted to be
But I never was just okay with me

SeemsI never really felt all that at ease
With who I am or what I chose to believe
But I made this life which lives in me
Still I don’t seem to be the one to set me free

Now the days are gone for the lookin’ around
Now I just keep eyes to the ground
With a little bit of hope that things could change
Though I’m still not sure what to rearrange

Cause it hides in my pocket, refuses to be seen
This glimmer of all I hope and dream
So I’ll pray to God that I’m livin’ right
And know that nothin’ good ever comes without a fight

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Greta said...

Right back atcha, kid. (I'm replying to your comment on mine, not specifically to this post.) But if you're ever in London again and don't at least ask if I want to have coffee, even if you don't really have the time, I'll never read you again. Even though you are the greatest writer I know.