Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two types of people...

Well, of course there are more than that. But stick with me on this one... There are the type that like round-trip tickets and the type that prefer one-way tickets.

I like to think of myself in the former category. You're still going somewhere but you always have the safety of coming back, getting out, an end of the road, so to speak. I never saw the charm in the one-way, open ended sort of nonsense and considered it for the truly intrepid traveller - the kind that borders on idiocy.

But I'm changing my mind. I went to Cambridge this weekend and bought one-way tickets the entire way and back. It was freeing. There's no schedule to meet. There's no reason to be any place at any given time. Completely opens up your mind. If you want to stay longer you stay. If you want to leave you leave. Genius.

I think I'm going to think of South Sudan like that. If I have no reason to leave I'll just stay. Why not?

(I also thought about Greta and what she is going to say when she learns that I was, not only, in London but passing right by her on my way out of town. Mea culpa, my friend. You still speaking to me??)

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Greta said...

You cheeky woman. My loss, friend, my loss.
Love to you.