Friday, November 28, 2008

A eclectic collection of thoughts that have crossed my mind today...

"Mmm...I haven't had goat for seven hours now. Wonder what's for dinner?"

"How many frogs in the shower is actually too many frogs to shower with?"

"Is there an actual conspiracy by staff to prevent me from getting any work done by coming into my office every 2.5 minutes?"

"If the plane doesn't come to get me tomorrow will I burst into tears on the runway?"

"Would it be considered bad practice to pay the tribal drummers around here not to drum?"

"If I were to take a broomstick and jam it roughly and randomly into the thatched roof of my tukul I wonder if I could scare away/kill the bat that is up there rustling around ALL NIGHT."

"I'm tired of chewing."

"I don't think my feet have ever been this dirty."

"Isn't it funny how staff cannot come to the office to file their reports but have no trouble making it through the floods to get paid?"

" lizards. How cute."

"Please, no snakes. Please, no snakes. Lord, please, please, please let there be no snakes." [prayer as I crossed the compound in the pitch dark having left my head torch in my tukul]

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