Thursday, December 11, 2008

Attack of the monkeys...

Sometimes I think that my life can't get more bizarre...and then it does. Like this morning when the staff were all singing Christmas carols in the other room a very ugly monkey - standing about 3 foot high - strolls in through the door and takes a seat on the door right out side my office and begins watching me. I find this unacceptable so stand up and pick up a stapler to throw at it. The monkey jumped off the chair and bounded out the door. I followed still holding the stapler in a threatening manner which was meant to convey: 'Don't mess with me cause I will brain you with this cheap, Chinese office implement.'

I edged toward the door to close it when the monkey...obviously not finding either me or the stapler all that threatening...rushes the door that I barely managed to slam in time and he bounced off it. He took a few steps back and stood there staring me down. I tried to make noise to scare him off but he just too a few more steps back and then took a running leap grabbing on to the wire mesh of the window and shaking it while screeching. I screeched back. He jumped down and sulkily started to wander off while shooting looks over his shoulder to see if I was still watching him.

And I swear I am on no medication.


Mike said...

I love this blog! So random and so very evocative. Thanks for writing, Kelsey!

Danielle said...

I don't believe you.