Thursday, July 30, 2009

Top 10 annoying things about economists...

10. Economists actually believe that the world is a rational place and human beings are rational as well.

9. No matter what one economists says there will be a hundred others to tell you how wrong and stupid you are for believing the first economist.

8. Economics isn't a science but economists pretend it is. "Economics isn't like physics or chemistry, where you're measuring fairly well-defined, discrete things. Economics is every person on the planet eating, buying crap they don’t need, and laying crazy bets because they’re sure this is the Red Sox’s year."

7. Economists don't actually know any more than you do about the economy. They just have a few degrees and the accompanying condescending attitude.

6. Economists love theories and theoretical ideas which either won't work, or would be detrimental, if implemented. But when the ideas are turned into actual practice or policy that proves detrimental then the economist just shrug and blame it on 'other unforseen factors'.

5. Economists actually enjoy annoying people.

4. Economists actually believe they are smarter than all other people (with the exception of the certain economist that they idolise).

3. Economists actually believe that economic principles and analysis can be applied to everything.

2. Economic jargon is just plain boring.

1. With rare exceptions to the rule, economists are troubled when required to speak about anything other than economics.


Danielle said...

Only you could come up with a post like this.

Tom said...

Damn, girl, has Ben or Lee done something to really piss you off, 'cos I ain't seen you in ages. I admit to #5, but you know #10 is just not true.

Lee said...

Duly refuted: