Saturday, June 12, 2010

Once upon a time...

I was reminded this week that I used to be an interesting person, to whom interesting things happened, and I used to write about those things in this very blog. This week, however, when I received an email from a former avid blog reader reminding me that I have an interesting and 'adventurous' life I decided to look back over the past week and figure out why I don't blog as regularly anymore. One look at my schedule told me why:

10am: Meeting with ODI
11am: UN Country Team Meeting
12.30pm: Meeting with NGO
2pm: Meeting with Budget Sector Working Group Co-Chairs
3.30pm: Meeting with DevInt
6.30pm: Handover meeting between Steering Committee Chair and Deputy

11am: Security Management Team Meeting
1:00pm: Meeting with UN Agency
3:00pm: Meeting with Swedish Donor
5:00pm: Meeting with an NGO
7:00pm: Dinner with National NGO

Bored yet? Wait for it...the week only gets better!

1:00pm: Meeting with Pooled Fund Managing Agent
2:00pm: DFID / FCO Briefing
4:00pm: Budget Sector Working Group Meeting
6:00pm: Meeting w/my housemates
7:00pm: Dinner with Colleagues

Keep your shirt on. I know you're on the edge of your seat...there's still more...

9:00am: Common Humanitarian Fund Advisory Group Meeting
1:00pm: Meeting with Danish Rep from Permanent Mission to UN
3:00pm: Budget Sector Working Group

And the big finale...

9.30am: UN Country Team
11:00am: Meeting with EC Consultant
12:00pm: Meeting with NGO
2:00pm: Meeting with another NGO
6:00pm: Watch World Cup
7.30pm: Dinner with EC Humanitarian Commissioner.

And between these meetings I (calm down, breathe....the thrill of it all might be getting to you!) read and write emails, read and write briefings and reports and make sarcastic comments on facebook. Now, don't get me wrong - I love my job it's just that I'm very aware that it doesn't make for even remotely entertaining reading.


Danielle said...

Why don't you write a little riff on the World Cup? I'm sure you have interesting things to say...
BTW, we now have a guest room with a very comfy bed. Please come visit. I won't make you babysit!

peter said...

Reads almost like my agency for the past 5 months... ;-)

Sierra said...

That was extremely boring to read. Come home and visit me!!!!

Anonymous said... hour and a half to watch an ENTIRE world cup match?!?! A little lavish, dontcha think??

And I thought you cared about the poor!