Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Top 10 reasons why I love America...

10. Logan International Airport...seriously, people, the floors are so clean you could eat off them.

9. Starbucks Coffee. You say evil, global capitalists I say, yummy mocha frappachino!

8. Food. Ok, granted there's better food in a lot of other places but there's quite a lot of decent food here.

7. Being able to accomplish more than one thing a day. Today I checked off about four things I had to do - and one of them even involved a govt. bureaucracy. It was beautiful.

6. Television. Say what you want about Hollywood but I'm finding 398 channels deeply entertaining at the moment.

5. Nice people. I'm not sure whether I find the general level of optimism, happiness and kindness comforting or disconcerting but in my less cynical moments I quite enjoy people being nice to me.

4. The USD. It's pretty.

3. Walmart. I won't go into my theory on how the American desire for cheap goods is complicit in the continuation of the war in Darfur but I will say that sometimes you need inexpensive shoes to wear once to a wedding and sometimes that place is Walmart.

2. Promotion of the 'general welfare.' In the course of a day it's possible to go to work, go on a walk, to the movies, shopping and it's unlikely that during that time we will have to consider harrassment, being murdered, starving, having our houses burned or consider ways to emigrate so our children will have a better future.

and the number one reason why I love America...drum roll, paaalease!...


Oh yeah. The ants of Darfur have met their match.


Dawn in Chicago said...

THANK YOU for giving me laughter today! It is a wonderful gift that I so appreciate - and need. Miss you. You are in my thoughts and prayers -- Be safe, my friend.

dottie said...

I just bought shoes for 5 dollars at walmart. Have fun at the teal wedding.

Israel said...

hahaha... I kissed the ground of the honolulu airport when I arrived back from Malaysia. And opened a COLD sode and then touched ice for the first time in 5 months! :) America RULES!

Daniella said...

Kelsey, what's up with you? This entry is almost a month old!! Come on!! You think I have something better to do than sit at my computer and read your blog?
love you honey,