Thursday, February 15, 2007

Not waving...but drowning here people!!

(If you haven't noticed I'm enjoying having good internet access for a couple of days. Don't expect such rampant posting to continue...)

Reuters - U.S. envoy fears "blood bath" in Darfur

“The U.S. special envoy to Sudan said on Wednesday he feared aid groups could be forced out of Darfur and pro-government Janjaweed militia would try to close camps sheltering millions, resulting in a "blood bath."…"The government has lost control. There is anarchy in large parts of Darfur. The risk is that if the NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) leave, the U.N. humanitarian agencies leave ... there will be no one to care for these people in the camps who can be trusted.”…It has become increasingly difficult for relief workers in Darfur and the U.N. said last week that attacks on aid workers there almost doubled in 2006. In addition to insecurity, government-imposed bureaucracy and travel restrictions have hindered aid operations…Natsios said there was also a risk the Janjaweed militia, with the backing of the Sudanese government, would violently try to close down camps where more than 2.5 million people are sheltering. The Janjaweed have been blamed for the worst atrocities in Darfur….The United States is losing patience with Sudan's government over its handling of Darfur and is considering a more robust response to put pressure on Khartoum, a strategy Natsios has referred to as "Plan B." He declined to provide any details of Plan B, saying it was classified.”

Editor's Note: Go Plan B! Go Plan B!

Disaster threat hangs over Chad

UK aid agency Oxfam has warned a new humanitarian catastrophe, like that in Darfur, could happen in Chad if ethnic conflict is not brought under control.

Chad rebels attack border town, gov't blames Sudan

US Officials Condemn Mistreatment of Aid Workers By Sudanese Authorities in Darfur

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