Saturday, April 14, 2007

My sister is a genius...

Ok, so if you haven't worked in Sudan this will probably mean nothing to you and you shouldn't even bother with the link. However, if you have, this site will crack you up. My sister has put together some merchandise you'll want to run right out and buy.

My personal favourites are the 'my other car has already been hijacked' bumper sticker and the I 'heart' HAC thongs. You'll want to check it in upcoming days as there are a couple of other logos going onto the merchandise!

Happy shopping!


Aaron in South Sudan said...

Hahaha.. these are great. I'd love one that says "Will dig latrine for just 20,000 dinar per meter"

Katie Wilson said...

loving it! i particularly like the bumper sticker about my other car being hijacked - the sad thing is that i can relate! pure class.