Sunday, April 15, 2007

Some things you never get used to...

Over the year that I've been here I've become accustomed to hearing about all sorts of security incidences - hijackings, armed robberies, shooting, lootings - even rape - becomes something commonplace. It takes a lot to get a roomful of humanitarian aid workers to react to something. However, I just returned from our UN security meeting and, at one point there were audible gasps. Here are my notes from one point in the brief:

Group of armed men attacked 5 boys (age 10-15) who were looking for grass for donkeys. 1 boy escaped and reported to police at 18.00. When returned 3 boys been killed - cut into pieces, and left at site. 4th boy had only legs cut off and was evacuated to Mukjar but later died.

I was walking out with a friend and she said, 'and to think that you might miss it here.'

'I sometimes wonder if I will,' was all I could say.

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