Saturday, August 16, 2008

A bout with the bugs...

Apparently, I have a stomach bug. This is not surprising. My stomach and intestinal track have played host to countless number of little bugs, worms and parasites over the past ten years or so. I like to think that we have a cozy sort of arrangement. They're welcome to pass through as long as they don't stick around, or cause me any major discomfort for over - say, a two day period. I mean, it's a rough world. They've got to live somewhere. So, I've come to think of my digestive system as a B & B, of sorts. It's a nice place to stop by but you shouldn't try to stay.

When the bugs do try to stay we have a problem and so begins the boxing match. I like a fair fight so I don't use anything that would give me the upper hand. I drink a lot of water. I will my system to kick them out. Usually this works.

Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the little buggers (pictured above) refuse to pack up and leave. Despite the blows it becomes necessary to bring out the heavy artillery. Drugs. Nasty things. I almost feel bad for my opponents who now don't have a fighting chance. I also feel for my digestive system that is going to be stripped of everything living -whether good or bad. I also feel for me who is going to have a metallic taste in my mouth for the next four days and am not able to drink anything. It's basically a defeat all around.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry because I know you don't feel good. But they look like a Dali painting. Hope you feel better soon.
Love ya'

David Cuthbert said...

Giardia, I presume? Ah, even we in the so-called first world have to cope with that from time to time. (Especially after swimming in Lake Washington here... ugh).