Monday, March 02, 2009

Kittens...not just delicious...

Kittens...not just delicious...also giant pains in the ass...You see, it all started about two weeks ago...

“Do you think I should take this bucket?” I shouted to Sarah who happened to be in the toilet at the time.

“Why?” she shouted back.

“Cause we have to put the kittens in something,” I carried on the conversation from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Get a box,” she sagely advised.

We were going to collect some kitties. Not your average evening activity in Juba so let me explain. There is a google group called Jubalicious on which people post adverts, announcements, etc. And, those loyal readers, will recall that several of our field sites have mentioned that they would like to have some cats to keep the rodent and snake population at bay. So, when a Jubalicious post announcing that six cute kittens were up for grabs I immediately replied that we would take two. Motot wanted them…if you’re still trying to figure out why go to previous posts on snakes in Motot.

The first few days spent with our little kitties was enjoyable. Cause they're cute. Or, as my mother says, "God made them cute at this stage or they would drive us over the edge." (I suspect they're like children in that regard). But then the cuteness wears off as they tear around smelling like cats and generally destroying things. I have to confess that I wasn't sad to see them stuffed into a cardboard box, taped up with duct tape and shipped to the field.

But, wouldn't you know it. They weren't even there a full 24 hours and then we had to evacuate the place. So, now they're back. And they're living in my room in Juba. I am, fortunately, not there. However, I suspect that my room is never going to smell the same...

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Anonymous said...

I am more worried about your mosquito netting than the smell. Have fun. They are cute. To bad you can't import some from the US because I could get you hundreds if not thousands of kitten who's cute has worn off.
Love yaa'