Monday, August 03, 2009

And more amusing emails...

I seem to be on a run of receiving amusing emails. Or, I'm losing it due to the sheer volume of emails I'm receiving. Either way, I just received an email which stated:

From: ngoforumSC2009 On Behalf Of [someone who shall remain nameless]
Sent: 03 August 2009 14:16
To: [other nameless individuals]
Subject: [SC NGO Forum] RE: EC

This was a meeting that we agreed to organize with the EC, and I have just sent a confirmation email. Obviously the original timing would have been best to organize at the same time as an existing SC meeting, however it seems that I had the dates a little confused and that this doesn’t actually correspond with an existing SC meeting – my apologies. If Jesus is still able to meet then perhaps it would be best to meet at his convenience. [emphasis mine] I think that the plan for the meeting with the EC was to just make an introduction of the SC and understand more about what the EC priorities etc are within Sudan and how the NGO community can best engage.
I always think it's best to meet Jesus at his convenience. Words to live by. But then I promptly received another email in response which is pasted below:


I have just talked to Jesus and he’s happy to come next week.

Some of us have a BSF meeting this evening so it would have clashed.


And MORE words to live by. I mean down through the ages there have been debates as to the second coming and the news comes to me by email just during the course of my day!

Of course, all of this should be less amusing given that our European Commission's rep's name is, obviously, hispanic and his name is: Jesus Orus-Baguena but that doesn't stop me from having a good chuckle.


Jennifer said...

Wow! Such confidence in knowing the date & time of Jesus' return! But also kind of funny that a BSF meeting would 'clash' with it! Isn't that what BSFers would hope for?? Loves from chubby Lucy & little Sally!

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant. Like a thief in the night.

Keep writing.

Tom (just 1 of the many)

Anonymous said...

stink, i appear to have missed the second coming. oh well, better luck next time.