Monday, October 12, 2009

A bridge too far...

It was one thing when UN IT blocked YouTube. I could understand that. Then, they cranked it up a notch and killed Facebook. That stung a little bit. Then, they blocked my sister's blog which, I'll give you could be perceived as undermining the UN at times. But now they've gone too far. They've banned my blog. Yes, like I say anything that could be taken as vaguely critical of the UN! It's shocking and it cannot be stomached. Time to march on OCHA IT unit. I'm bringing the torches. I believe that UNDP'ers are bringing the pitchforks. Angry villagers should not be too hard to come by around here. We should have a good sized mob in no time.

Oh, you might be wondering how I'm on my blog at the moment...I snuck out to an NGO's compound. God bless the little NGOs.


Anonymous said...

Haven't they worked out they can't shut you up?!


Lee said...

Honestly they might as well just give up. For every speed bump in life there is a way around it.
(3rd revision of my original statements. No sense in adding fuel to the fire.)