Friday, October 09, 2009

My surreal phone conversation from last night...

Let me describe the scene to you... It's 11.30. I've just gotten home from one dinner and then a second dinner. I'm slightly tired and would like to go to bed. Our house has no electricity so it's pitch black. The phone rings...

Other person: We understand that the President is dead.

Me: That is an unfounded rumour. The President is not dead. I sent an email earlier to that effect.

Other person: People are saying that he is dead.

Me: Presidential Affairs has contacted us and they assured us that he is alive and well.

Other person: He hasn't been on television.

Me: There were pictures of him on TV very much alive just this morning and people saw his motorcade driving around Juba last night.

Other person: This morning was a long time ago. He should be on TV tonight.

Me: He's not dead. I'm going to go now. When I am informed that he is dead you will be the first person I call.

Subsequent to hanging up the phone I realised that I actually can't be assured that the President isn't dead. I didn't actually know. However, it just seemed the right thing to say at the time.

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