Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lock Down

Today there will be ‘demonstrations’ in Nyala, Khartoum, probably all over Darfur. Demonstrations are a nice way of saying, ‘riots’. Flag-burning, car-burning, rock-throwing, general anarchy in the streets. At least we knew about it in advance. It’s the spontaneous ‘demonstrations’ that are worrying. So, we’re under lock down. No one allowed out of their compounds from 7am until further notice. Flights are cancelled. Travel forbidden. Offices closed.

The thing that no one tells you is how much preparation and coordination a good lock down will take. What if we’re not stuck inside for four hours but for four days? How much food and water do we need for that sort of thing? And, even if it is for four hours what, exactly, are we going to eat for lunch? Not matters of life and death, per se, but important nonetheless.

Well, in case you ever find yourself in the same situation, let me tell you what I recommend purchasing: 10 snickers bars, 5 cans of Pringles, 10 cans of tuna fish, 10 instant noodle packs, 1 jar of mayonnaise, 1 jar of mustard, 2 jars of peanut butter, 1 jar of strawberry jam, 3 packs of happy-cow cheese, 5 packs of crackers, 2 packs of cookies, and 36 2-litre bottles of water.

Also, it’s good to have a play list. It’s always good to have a play list. Like, in case you’re evacuated you would, of course, want to listen to Pearl Jam’s ‘Evacuation’, or David Gray’s ‘Say hello, wave goodbye’, or Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to run’. So in honour of our ‘demonstrations’ I’ve compiled a lock-down play list. Enjoy:

1. I predict a riot – Kaiser Chiefs
2. Where is the love – Black Eyed Peas
3. Don’t panic – ColdPlay
4. I want to be sedated – Social Distortion
5. It’s the end of the world as we know it – REM
6. Let your troubles roll by – Carbon Leaf
7. Bad day – Daniel Powter
8. Who will guard the door – Over the Rhine
9. Hold On – Sister Hazel
10. Be and be not afraid – Tracy Chapman

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99 to Life - Social Distortion