Friday, January 18, 2008

Rain in Malaysia...

What does the rain in Malaysia have to do with anything? That, is an excellent question. I first heard it today when our internet went down. I walked (read:stalked) out of the office and demanded of our administrator (who has no actual control over our internet) what was going on.

"It's raining in Malaysia," she said looking up sleepily from her computer. Apparently, I was not the first to have asked.

Later while we were all getting our lunch our logs asked the girl next to her what was happening with the internet. The answer had gotten more succinct:

"Rain. Malaysia."

And the funny thing is that the answer works like a charm. "Ahhh, of course! Rain in Malaysia!" If you don't think about it too long there seems to be some sort of inherent logic in it that you just don't understand. There's something about that answer that makes you not want to ask any more questions. Rain in Malaysia. The key is not thinking about it too long.

I've decided that it going to be my automatic answer for any and all 'why' questions.

"Why is the dollar so weak against the Euro?"

It's raining in Malaysia.

"Why did that BA flight go down in Heathrow?"

Rain. Malaysia.

See how well it works? You can try it out for yourself today if you'd like


Serge and Nancy said...

One we used to use all the time in various countries is the first letter of the country's name plus FACTOR...This is how it works: In Pakistan, it was the "P Factor" in Belarus, it was the "B Factor". This was also very useful in explaining the antics of the locals that drive one crazy. We found it a bit soothing at times--at least it would help get us past the "crisis" :) MAN, I sure do MISS you!!! lyl, Nancy

Kelsey said...

Likewise, a friend here calls things, RAW. "Random Asian Wierdness". So, when you're shopping for furniture and can only buy couches with giant eagle heads and claws carved into the wood she will just shake here head and say, 'That's RAW, man! RAW!'

Mom said...

Yes, "rain in Malaysia" works much better than the old standby "42" which has become very miss understood. Love ya'.