Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Life lessons...

So I was walking along today and out of the corner of my eye thought I saw a snake. 'Hmmm...' I thought, 'this is a good life lesson. If you see something that looks like a snake it probably is.'

I'm making this life lesson number #1. For posterity, I will now record other life lessons learned in the field - in no particular order:

#2: Do not stand on well covers.
#3: Everything is better with bacon.
#4: You are not as good a driver as you think you are. No one is.
#5: You are not as good a swimmer as you think you are. No one is.
#6: Never say, 'it can't get any worse' because it always can.
#7: The best time to use the toilets on a plane are immediately upon boarding - or within the first hour.
#8: Everyone can survive without washing for at least 4 days before becoming offensive to yourself and others.
#9: Television is overrated.
#10: Headlamps (torches) are not.
#11: Almost no one ever knows what they're talking about.
#12: When something says it's 'waterproof' it probably isn't.
#13: You can live without pretty much everything. But take your own pillow and coffee press anyway.
#14: Anything that is a local 'specialty' should be avoided.
#15: Rats are everywhere. Learn to get along.
#16: Malaria sucks. But then again so does, dengue, cholera, TB...
#17: Always pretend you know what you are doing but not, necessarily, where you are going.
#18: 4WD ROCKS!
#19: Blue tack and/or duct tape holds the universe together.
#20: People are crazy.

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