Monday, March 17, 2008

On any given day you'll find me gone...

Well, tomorrow we're going to call it a rap on the past six months in Indonesia. Headed for London and then the States wherein I will - most likely - sink into the blogging doldrums. When I have a new job somewhere I'll be back. Here's some random pics from the last months (if you look at one a week you might not notice that I've stopped blogging):

Meulaboh Grand Mosque:
Playing Frisbee: Closedown Coordinator Extraordinaire: Kids with their Disaster Risk Reduction Placards:
Party at Marcela's:
Our Easter Egg Houses: Our organic chili project:
What 'alleviating poverty and suffering' looks like: Fishing boat on the beach:
Caden Jack! How did you get in here? (see...told you I might become one of 'those' people!)

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lilly said...

Hi kelsey...jus wandered into ur blog..stopped by to say hi..