Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh hell no!

Rumours of the demise of gingas has been greatly exagerrated...

This means you can stop forwarding the articles to me. Thank you.


David Cuthbert said...

Dang. Does this mean I've been collecting them in my basement for no good reason?

Ironically, despite the fact that I'm this weird mutt and nobody can figure out which category to peg me into (most recently, and most amusing, was Hawaiian), each of my offspring has a 25% chance of being a redhead. That would be hilarious.

Oh, thanks for the pictures, btw. Like the slacker I am, I haven't gotten around to getting them printed out yet.

Anonymous said...

Geez. This post has been here for what 6 days - and STILL nothing new? it's not like you actually wrote anything either. Just a stinkin' link! If you can't produce original material get outta the blogosphere baby. KCxxx