Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So, I did an interview for an British, political, internet TV show and learned a few things. The first being that seeing yourself on camera is never a fun experience. I sat there watching in disbelief trying to come to grips with the fact that 1) I actually look like that and 2) I actually sound like that. Yes, I should have been concentrating on the substance of the interview and whether the questions were diplomatically answered but find myself, vainly, wondering how I did the whole interview without noticing that my necklace was twisted and why I use so many adverbs.

Apparently, though, my friends and family are like-minded. Here are a few comments I've received:

from a friend: 'nice hair.'

from my sister: 'Very nice. Very non-implicative. You could be on Meet the Press.You should have answered money for the last question. That would have been so awesome.'

from another friend: 'Synonyms for 'essentially': approximately, in effect, practically, relatively, roughly, substantially, virtually.'

If you are interested in hearing me say practically, effectively, relatively, virtually nothing of substance you can watch the entire interview here:



Erin said...

You talk like a person who has spent nearly a year enunciating carefully for people who don't quite understand you. Crystal clear, baby!

Larry said...

Nice Site.

Will you be in Cally in June or July... ? I might be teaching at a university in Irvine for the summer.

Love to see you.

Larry V.